To me the world is a place of constant beauty and wonder, somewhere that is continually shifting and moving. A scene that is beautiful today will still be beautiful tomorrow, if not more so, but for different reasons. The light, weather, circumstance, or my perception may have changed and it is the anticipation of what will happen next that excites me.

I question the concept of the “everyday” and the “known”, reassessing what we observe daily and take for granted. I am captivated by those everyday places and people dismissed by others as boring, mundane and invisible. While others may distinguish between natural beauty and manmade, I believe the lines are more blurred. What is natural, when man’s influence is everywhere and is it any less beautiful as a result?

In my work I capture the innate beauty of my surroundings, the light, the composition or the “occurrence” of a scene, while lending to the image, the emotion and atmosphere that I have personally experienced while viewing the subject matter. I like to consider my images to be the “Stillness” within my world.